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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  May 15, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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the lord have mercy. >> three young people are dead tonight after the car they were traveling in crashes into a
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tree in maryland. hello, i'm bruce johnson. a fourth young person was injured and tonight, the driver of the car is behind bars facing multiple charges after he allegedly tried to flee the accident on foot. montgomery county police say all five were inside a toyota early this morning when it ran off olney road also known as 108. there's a common bond between everybody in that car. >> reporter: that's true, bruce. students and staff here at magruder high school face a very difficult week ahead. among those killed in the crash, a current student and two recent graduates. and under arrest, another recent magruder graduate, the driver of the car also accused of fleeing the scene. the impact of the crash was so intense that it embedded a piece of the car into the tree. in the woods nearby lay the shattered wreckage of three young lives and signs of the desperate effort to save them. >> it hits you in the face when
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you see where the tree and everything, it just hurts so bad. >> reporter: among the dead, 18- year-old haley mcgwire of rockville, just days away from her magruder high school graduation. >> it was only a week away. it's crazy. like nobody ever thinks that kind of thing would happen to them. >> it's unsettling, because you see people all the time around school, and you wake up and you always expect them to be there. >> reporter: 18-year-old spencer dabb of did you remember wood was a front -- durwood. >> i'm glad i made it through my teenage years. there were times when i was out here driving and, you know, by the grace of god i made it. >> reporter: a fourth passenger, 19-year-old charles nordella of rockville was taken to the hospital with nonlife- threatening injuries. police say the driver, 20-year- old kevin coffee fled the
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scene, but was apprehended three hours later and taken to the hospital with minor injuries. the pavement was wet when police arrived. the twisted wreckage just off a dangerous curve in the road. >> just another 20, 30, 40 years, people have always gone off the road here. zoomed into the trees. >> i don't know if anyone will ever learn from this. because the same stuff has always happened. >> reporter: the 20-year-old driver, kevin coffee, is being held on a $500,000 bond. police are still investigating whether drugs, alcohol or speed were factors in this tragedy. bruce? >> got it, andrea. what about that road? i heard some people say they've had problems with the stretch for sometime now? >> reporter: that's an interesting question. we were not able to get specific statistics from montgomery county police tonight, however we've heard from several members of the community there have been several crashes on that strip
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of road, including several fatalities. >> andrea mckaren reporting live. thanks a lot for that report. it could be a wet morning for some area commuters. will the showers stick around for most of the work week? anny hong is here with the forecast. >> tomorrow, fairly dry for most people but a chance for showers for the morning commute. more spotty showers. by the afternoon, more shower activity along with thunderstorms possible. here's a look at doppler radar to show you the storms have moved off to the north and east along with the lightning around d.c. we're mainly just looking at areas of light rain. the beltway looking fairly dry, but cloudy, but we're seeing showers out toward the eastern bay, the eastern shore and also maybe toward chantilly west of d.c. again, it's really light. with the showers, it's also pretty humid outside with the milder temperatures. overnight what we're expecting is mostly cloudy and mild conditions. still a chance for some showers. also may see some patchy fog.
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lows will be 53 to 63 degrees. winds are northwest at 5 to 10 miles per hour. as you're waking up for your monday morning, what can you expect? well, grab the umbrella. chance of showers in the morning. it will be mild in the 50s and 60s by 7:00. by 9:00, back into the 60s, mostly cloudy and a chance for showers as well. we'll talk about how long this threat for showers and storms will stick around when we come back. bruce? >> thanks, anny. the army corps of engineers opened two more floodgates from the swollen mississippi into a louisiana flood way. the move will keep floodwaters from hitting big cities like baton rouge and new orleans. thousands of people living in the waters' path could lose their homes. randall pinkston reports from the spillway tonight. >> reporter: the store here is more one of more than 10,000 homes in cajun country sitting inside the spillway. >> how deep are they predicting
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it will be? >> 12 to 14 foot right here. >> reporter: the army corps of engineers opened the floodgates of the mississippi on saturday. thousands of acres inside the spillway are already flooded, and water will soon start showing up here outside the store that his father owns. >> how are you dealing with it emotionally? >> just trying -- ain't really dealing with it. just trying to get as much out as we can. >> reporter: with the mandatory evacuation order looming, it's neighbor helping neighbor, doing what they can to protect their property before the flood gets here. >> this is a very poor community. people who live here are not wealthy. >> reporter: by tuesday, these homes and everything else in 3,000 square-mile area will be flooded. water depth will range from 6 to 25 feet. it's part of the army corps engineer's plan to sacrifice some communities to keep the mississippi floodwaters from flowing into baton rouge and new orleans. and it's working. river levels are dropping. this is the first time the spillway has been used in
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almost 40 years. but the people here always knew this day could come. >> it's my choice to live here. and i have to deal with it. >> reporter: kip and others say even if the floodwaters takes their home, they plan to return and rebuild. randall pinkston, cbs news, louisiana. >> people in missouri, mississippi and tennessee have been dealing with floodwaters for more than a week now. president obama is expected to meet with some flood victims tomorrow when he travels to memphis. a passenger plane headed for a dulles international airport makes an emergency landing in arkansas. american airlines flight 1720 left dallas-fort worth just this afternoon. a short time later, the pilot radioed the tower to report there was engine fire on the md 80 plane. that plane made a safe landing at little rock national airport. american airlines says all of the 136 passengers were beingrouted on to washington. we're learning more about the tense moments inside the
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situation room during the raid that killed osama bin laden in an interview with 60 minutes. defense secretary robert gates talked about the risk involved in the navy seal operation that killed the al qaeda leader and the uncertainty over whether they would find their target. >> i had a reservations about the intelligence. my worry was the level of uncertainty about whether bin laden was even in the compound. there wasn't any direct evidence that he was there. it was all circumstantial. i think everybody agreed we needed to act and act pretty promptly. i worked for a lot of these guys, and this is one of the most courageous calls, decisions, that i think i've ever seen a president make. >> gates says he was transfixed while watching the operation being carried out. he also says that the u.s. continues to keep military pressure on pakistan, we could see a turning point in the relationship between al qaeda and the taliban, and he remains optimistic that will be good
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news for military troops in afghanistan. >> i think we could be in a position by the end of this year where we have turned the corner in afghanistan. >> and more troops could come home? >> and more troops could come home. >> gates says he still thinks it's premature to determine whether the military can bring more troops home by this summer. the pakistani leaders know that osama bin laden was hiding inside their borders? according to a former afghan intelligence officer, they did. he says he told the government that the terrorist leader was hiding in pakistan, but they rejected his claims. he says the pakistan helps create terror and should be considered a hostile country. tonight, the prince william county school system is reviewing procedures in the wake of several sexual scandals. four prince williams county schoolteachers have been charged with sexual misconduct in the past month alone. the school system will review professional development for employees. a spokesman says the school's hiring process is not in
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question and all 10,000 school employees go through background checks before being hired. meantime, sentencing is scheduled for tomorrow in the trial of chamique adams. you might recall adams pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter in the death of julia when they were struck by a car driven by adams last september. after strike the two pedestrians, adams crashed her car into the front of a restaurant. still ahead on 9 news now this sunday night, congresswoman gabrielle giffords out of the hospital in florida tonight as she prepares to see her husband into space. the latest on the final launch of the space shuttle endeavour. but first, an international sex scandal rocks one of europe's most powerful men. why some say was the next french president is in an american jail tonight. hi, i'm mark fisher, ceo of sport and health.
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the man who helped steer europe through the international financial crisis is facing some serious charges tonight in new york city. the head of the internationalmonetary fund was arrested at a luxury hotel on sexual assault. lawyers say their client will
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be in court on monday. many believe he was in line to become the next president of france. >> attorneys for dominique strascon entered a manhattan courthouse. their client accused of sexually assaulting a made in a new york hotel. >> our client agreed to a forensic examination tonight. >> reporter: he's leader of the monetary fund and one of france's most popular politicians. he was staying in a $3,000 a night suite. the 32-year-old made told police when she went in to clean what she thought was an empty room, he surprised her and locked the door. he has been charged with a criminal sex act, attempted rape and unlawful imprisonment. french media called it a political earthquake. the arrest happened three hours after the reported assault when they pulled him out of his first class seat at jfk airport
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moments before it was schedule will to take off for paris. the made picked him out of a lineup. he denies the allegations. the charges could significantly change the political landscape in france, where he was considered the strongest challenger to the president in next year's election. strascon was leading in the polls and is respected for his work where he helped guide europe through the financial crisis. he also admitted an affair three years ago with a younger coworker. he was supposed to be in germany sunday and in brussels for high level meetings on the debt crisis in grease. its number two official will step in as acting managing director and the imf will remain fully functional and operational. cbs news, new york. >> his wife released a statement saying she does not believe for a single second the charges against her husband are true. it's a season of pomp and circumstance, which means some
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famous faces are imparting their wisdom on graduating college students. coming up on 9 news now tonight, what a powerful mayor and the first lady say are the key to success. thunderstorms hampering the site of the work week for some. when can we expect sunny skies again? annie is back with a full forecast. south carolina's made for vacation
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for nasa as it prepares to launch space shuttle endeavour, thousands are preparing to watch the historic blastoff but no one more arrive vetted than injured congresswoman gabrielle giffords. her husband is the mission's commander. >> it's both triumphant that she's able to be here and of course, a little sad. >> it's a wonderful thing that after so much trial and tribulation that she has made the effort to come, and that she's allowed to see her husband go on this tremendous mission. >> great story. the shuttle endeavour is delivering equipment to the international space station. liftoff scheduled for 8:56 tomorrow morning. >> you can watch the entire blastoff here on channel 9. it's a season of pomp and circumstance. today new york city mayor
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michael bloomberg told the graduates of gw university to stand up for their beliefs. >> it's like ten months ago, i strongly defended the rights of the muslim community to build a mosque in lower manhattan. and it's why on tuesday i'm going up to our state capitol in albany to support legislation that would grant marriage equality to all men and all women. >> an outspoken independent. he told the grads of washington university to never be held prisoner by any sort of political affiliation. and another familiar face to the podium today. in atlanta to inspire college grads. first lady michelle obama addressed the 2011 class of spelman college. she told the 550 graduates at the historic all-black women's university that giving back should be a way of life. >> find those folks who have so much potential, but so little opportunity. and do for them what spellman
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has done for you. i wanted to be out there giving folks the same kind of chances that i had. >> spelman gave the first lady an honorary doctor of law degree. who was your commencement speaker? >> i don't remember. >> neither do i. spelman, they won't forget. >> who was it? oh, goodness. a blast from the past. >> tell us about this weather. some rain, some areas won't see rain. what's up with that? >> well, we have a chance of thunderstorms, bruce, really all through much of the work week here, so you definitely want to keep the umbrellas handy. sounds like a broken record. that's the case for the next few days here. we saw the storms roll in through earlier tonight. seeing lightning and maybe hearing rumbles of thunder. live doppler hd much quieter now. around the beltway it's starting to dry out. may see showers out toward leesburg and around annapolis, but for the most part cloudy conditions around d.c. this is the storm system that went on through. it's now up to the north.
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you can see we had lightning strikes associated with it. but around d.c. now, we're starting to dry out here overnight. still a chance for showers though. isolated. overnight, what are we expecting? mostly cloudy and mild. also humid out there. a chance of showers. may also see patchy fog. developing lows will be 53 to 63 degrees. winds out of the northwest at 5 to 10 miles per hour. currently 66 degrees and cloudy out there. humidity at 81%. so yeah, it is humid. our coastal flooding advisory still in effect until tomorrow morning, 10:00 a.m., for the potomac chesapeake bay. this means tides 1 to 2 feet above normal, could cause minor flooding of low-lying areas until tomorrow morning at 10:00 a.m. you want the umbrellas the next few days here. monday morning commute, fairly dry. drizzle is possible in the morning. afternoon showers and thunderstorms become more likely, though, and also heavier showers for tuesday and
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possibly into wednesday as well. so here's a look at your monday morning forecast. mostly cloudy and mild. chance for isolated showers. they should be light. temperatures in the 50s and 60s. winds are north and light. periods of sun and some clouds, especially around lunchtime. but then we'll see showers and thunderstorms in the afternoon and evening. air quality is good. highs will be 71 to 76 degrees. winds are out of the north at 10 miles per hour. highs tomorrow generally close to mid-70s for d.c. 73 in gaithersburg. culpepper your morning at 76. martinsburg in the lower 70s. here's your futurecast. tomorrow morning at 7:00, fairly dry around the beltway. mostly cloudy. most of the showers out toward the east. in the afternoon, you can see a little bit of sun in around lunchtime. some isolated showers out toward the west. by the evening, we'll see more showers come on through, maybe thunderstorms embedded with it. tuesday morning, more widespread, so i think tuesday
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morning's commute could be wet. by late to afternoon moderate to heavy rain coming in. yellow to oranges, moderate to heavy rainfall. that's tuesday afternoon. tuesday night looks wet, also. could also see thunderstorms as well. and it's going to be a pretty welt, soggy day on tuesday. for the next three days looks like this. tomorrow, 74 is the high. showers and thunderstorms becoming more likely by the afternoon. tuesday heavier rain. highs around 73 degrees. here's your seven-day outlook. we say wet and stormy through the middle of the week and into thursday. friday, i think we'll dry out a little bit, bruce, but still a chance for showers and thunderstorms. not as numerous though. the weekend though looks pretty good. back into the 80s by sunday. partly cloudy and slight chance for showers. i think tuesday, wednesday is really the wettest day of the next several days here. >> okay, anny. thanks a lot. some people have their favorite restaurant or bar. there's something special about going to a place where everybody knows their name.
11:24 pm
we find out there's a plagues for local folk happy to be eating at all. derrick mcbegins si reports on the shepherds table. >> 99 fm. >> reporter: just the tiniest hint of the old woody west who claims he was once a local radio weather man years past before the mental illness. today woody's loyal listeners are the friends and diners he finds here at the shepherd's table. >> these people are helpful for us, giving us a place to be and a place to have food. >> in 27 plus years now we have never missed an evening of service. pretty extraordinary. >> reporter: jackie coil is executive director at shepherds table located in silver spring where the hot meal is the major mission. every night 125 guests are served by dedicated staff and volunteers. >> you know, you come here and your received and people receive you and fellowship with
11:25 pm
you, and become friends with you. and that's what we want to provide for people. >> reporter: because that sense of friendship, the idea that somebody here actually knows your name is a difference between shepherds table and just another free meal. >> now, they know us, so they're like, i don't want broccoli, but i'm going to get salad so don't worry. i'm eating a vegetable. we've actually built relationships with some of these people. >> reporter: and let's not forget, they also provide free clothing and eye clinic and other social services. >> people who are essentially my brothers and sisters in this world who come here do not have those things. and part of my calling is out of a sense of responsibility. i have a responsibility to provide for those who have a need. >> have a great day, man. >> thank you. we'll see you. >> later. >> just come for yourself and find out. no matter who you are, no matter what authority you are, you'll find that it's worth it. >> reporter: derek mcginty, 9 news now. >> the foundation is donating $10,000 to help keep shepherds
11:26 pm
tables doors open. if you would like information on how you, too, can help, go to and click on heroes central. coming up, a quick look ahead at sports plus. stay with us.
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working, what's not. we'll see the topic. plus, maryland says goodbye to a legend. ushers in a new era of men's basketball less than a week after gary williams sat down mark turgeon signs on as new head terp but has an uphill climb. >> i really mellowed. i'm one of the guys that doesn't like to draw attention to myself. when i have to, i'll do what i have to do. to be aggressive. >> maryland lacrosse opened upturnment play today taking on a familiar foe. north carolina beat maryland earlier this season at home but the terps got revenge in the tournament. so who would take round 3? wait until you see terps trickery on the field today. nba playoffs continue. lebron and the heat and the bulls in the eastern conference finals. chicago finally back there since the day of jordan and pippen. and they looked hungry today.
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the bulls pulled way ahead later and simply rocked miami. we've got all the in your face highlights. what a good game that was. >> it was a beat down. >> that's for sure. >> a lot of us were shocked. were you surprised about that? >> a little bit. somebody said what's the score? they're up by 17 points. where did that come from? >> i know they have confidence. so many people are walking across the stage to get their diplomas, but one grad stands out by any measure. four years ago austin whitney was paralyzed from the waist down from a car crash. he spent his college years at the university of berkeley in a wheelchair until last fall when he met a special engineering professor who's students were working on an x-o skeleton. >> i'll never forget this. he told me, austin, i have this ring for you. i want to see you walk. i have this dream for you. this is something that anyone in a wheelchair would do
11:32 pm
anything to be able to do. >> light weight x-o skeleton had computerized legs that allowed austin to walk. saturday he did just that. thanks for joining us. sports plus is next. have a great week, everybody. bye.
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